Ascentify's eSuite 2.0 is the new and improved innovative cloud-based digital Assessment and Training platform for the contemporary global workforce. Building upon the firm foundation of the eSuite and over a decade-worth of expertise, Ascentify gives you a solution that you want – a reliable, robust and accurate automated self-paced solution that meets all your Learning and Development requirements. For our Academic customers, the eSuite 2.0 makes the process of learning fun, engaging and memorable. Our easy-to-understand lessons help students relate to the concepts and learn from them on a pragmatic scale. With fun quizzes and interactive lessons, we at Ascentify help shape the minds of tomorrow, today. To our Corporate customers, the eSuite 2.0 combines the essence of critical job skills, the panache of language and the values of communication & soft-skills training. Our integrated assessment and training platform enables you to test, train, and audit an employee’s progress from recruiting, to on-boarding, to on-the-job training using immersive content and adaptive testing.

The eSuite advantage

As do a few of our competitors, we too offer specialized tools and content for our customers’ consumption. We sincerely believe you deserve more. One of the key differentiating factors that helps you decide on making Ascentify’s eSuite your Learning and Assessment automation solution of choice, is that the eSuite allows you to custom-build your own Training and Assessment content – without any limitations, added costs or even knowledge in Instructional Design. This means that you can create your own feature-rich Lessons, interactive modules comprising of videos and audio, branch-structured assessments or even a quick-and-simple quiz that gives you detailed insight into the participants’ skill gaps and training needs.

What’s inside the eSuite?

The eSuite is a bundled solution that consists of a versatile Training and Assessment delivery platform, a content authoring program and a management portal that organizes reports and administrative tasks.

The Player is the end-user application through which all the training and assessment activities are conducted. The Player is available for easy access through a web-browser and can be customized to reflect your choice of branding. Unlike most of our competitors, we are a SaaS solution and being a 100% online means that you can access our Learning and Assessment platform from any popular Operating System.

The Designer is the feature-rich yet easy-to-use content development platform. Teachers, Trainers and Courseware Developers use the Designer to create content-rich learning and assessment units. Once their choice of images, voice-recordings, speeches, video files or just simple text are compiled, a training unit is ready for use on the Player. The Designer does all the heavy lifting so that the authors can focus on letting their creativity flow unbridled.

Ascentify Assess is a product configuration that focuses on the assessment capabilities of the eSuite. Potential candidates can have their skills assessed remotely or at a Customer’s recruitment site. Once the assessment is completed, their reports are immediately sent to the Recruitment team to further their application process. With custom assessments tailored to every business need, Ascentify Assess is the only solution you will need to evaluate a potential candidate.

The Ascentify Manager is the heart of the operation for all things eSuite. The manager is an administrative functions portal that coordinates data received from the Player and the Designer applications. While students and trainees don't have access to the Manager portal, Trainers, Teachers, Management staff can create new Classes, assign training and assessment units, create User IDs, classify them by batches view and extract their training and Assessment reporting data.