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Talent assessment is a vital part of the recruitment process. Screening large numbers of candidates for various roles is demanding, resource-intensive, and costly. Ascentify’s online candidate assessment and recruitment tools streamline your hiring process.

Our custom recruitment assessments covering English communication, job skills, and soft skills assessments help you efficiently identify the right talent, minimize turnover time and save valuable resources—from time to effort and overall costs.

Revolutionizing recruitment

Online talent assessments are revolutionizing recruitment for in-house contact centers and outsourcers. Ascentify’s online recruitment tests efficiently identify candidates with the requisite skills and eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional in-person assessments.

Tailored to recruiters unique needs, Ascentity’s online talent assessments objectively evaluate skills and competencies, such as communication, problem-solving, and customer service abilities with the English language at the core.

Shorter time-to-hire (TTH) icon

Shorter time-to-hire (TTH)

Cut down time and resources required to roll out assessments with our tried-and-tested and technology-driven applicant screening tools.

Get the best of both worlds—thorough candidate assessment and fast turnarounds across requisition review, applicant screening, interviewing, and onboarding.

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Enhanced quality of hire

Tackle your organization’s unique hiring requirements through our need-specific selection criteria.

For roles that require bespoke skills tests online, we’ll explore your needs to create tailored online recruitment test. Meaning, more role-fit hires for your high-performing and reliable workforce. 

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Reduced talent acquisition costs (TAC)

Attract, screen, hire, and onboard top candidates while lowering costs.

Our online candidate assessment and transparent reporting are delivered on a pay-per-test basis. Ensuring clients trimmed-down costs by reducing the scope of work needed for in-person assessments.

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English-language testing at the core

Evaluatespeech, fluency, grammar, comprehension, listening and typing skillsand obtain immediate feedback.

Our unbiased and standards-based assessments are calibrated to CEFR, IELTS, and TOEIC standards, gauging candidates’ English capabilities and employment-readiness.

Proven results across the board

With extensive experience in delivering assessments globally, our solutions are utilized to streamline candidate selection by clients worldwide.



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Our assessment tools offer competitive pricing per assessment. Starting at just $12 per assessment, depending on order size, we offer cost-effective solutions for your recruitment needs.

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