About Ascentify

Ascentify Learning Media Inc. is part of the ADEC Innovations group.

Since 2009, Ascentify has been creating smarter learning experiences in the digital space across skills learning, English speaking and comprehension, testing and assessments. From our rich content library to speech assessment and mobile app – we continuously innovate to help customers deliver learning that clicks.

Over the years, Ascentify has partnered with customers across Contact Centers, Information Technology, IT-enabled Services and Academic Institutions. In 2023, we released our mobile app to make our learning and assessment solution globally accessible to Individual learners.


Ascentify Learning Media Inc.

160 Elgin St., Suite 2600
Ottawa, ON K1P 1C3

Telephone: +1 607-608-2616

Our Mission

We share the mission with our parent company, ADEC Innovations. Through our learning and education solutions, we focus on impacting and improving lives, expanding people’s options and horizons, and transforming businesses to be more efficient, sustainable, and resilient.

Our Vision

Ascentify creates opportunities to excel through knowledge development. We deliver high-quality, accessible and scalable learning and assessment solutions to individuals, organizations and institutions – ensuring customer success.

Our Values

Customer focus

Understanding the unique needs of our clients to deliver world-class services.


Proactively working together and being accountable to each other to achieve our vision.


Being dynamic, innovative and passionate about learning – fuelling our relentless pursuit of the highest standards.


Advocating honesty in our workplace by always doing the right thing.


Treating our stakeholders, clients, suppliers and communities with courtesy and compassion.


Making things happen by creatively maximizing resources to drive success.

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