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For contact centers, in-house or outsourced, service excellence hinges on effective training and development. Choosing the right training platform is crucial for providing your workforce with the tools and knowledge they need to excel.  

Leading customer service providers use Ascentify’s online training solutions to nurture talent and drive success. Our competitively priced training and development offer spans 500+ courses, including onboarding, English learning, customer service skills and custom content creation options. Explore how our training platform can help your teams excel.  

Seamless Training and Development

The Ascentify training platform and course catalogue are built for contact center needs based on decades of experience. We know what employers, teams and talent need to succeed across onboarding, continuous upskilling, English language learning, accent training and knowlegde testing.

Our training platform and courses are designed for maximum impact across the learning journey.

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Streamline employee onboarding

Make a great first impression on new joiners with comprehensive onboarding.  

Our online training platform makes it easy to onboard cohorts of any scale. The training team receives real-time feedback on course completion and test performance.   

Choose from a range of ready-made courses or use our platform to build unique content. Use Ascentify as a stand-alone solution or together with instructor-led training

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Ensure high performance with effective training

Give your talent the tools they need to delight your customers.  

Ascentify platform and courses help training teams maximize productivity and improve operational metrics. 

Subscribe to our training catalogue to access 500+ popular skills-based courses. Develop bespoke content with our easy-to-use platform for role-specific specific skill enhancement. 

Support instructor-led training with Ascentify’s online training solution to upskill talent at greater frequency and scale.   

Improve English proficiency and support accent training     icon

Improve English proficiency and support accent training

Use latest technology in speech analysis and eLearning to enhance English capabilities

In the contact center industry, English proficiency is vital, but its not enough; successful teams have clear accents and pronunciation and understand colloquialisms.

Ascentifys platform offers English training courses to enhance grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and listening skills. 

Our accent training solutions are used to refine pronunciation across American accents, giving ensuring clear and confident customer conversations

Beyond Contact Centers

Ascentify helps companies access their training needs. Our organizational learning experts analyze client requirements to develop scenario-specific solutions, be it onboarding, skill enhancement, language improvement and everything in between. 

We use relevant data and need analysis to develop actionable steps that improve employee learning and ultimately enhance performance. 

Analysis at the core

For over two decades, Ascentify has provided extensive training support to organizations of all sizes across different industries. Our training platform has become a vital tool used for employee onboarding programs and workforce upskilling. 

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Preferred training platform for leading contact centers

Outsourcing providers and captive centers use Ascentify’s online training solutions to enhance their customer service operations and performance. We partner with global companies and small-scale, local centres to build comprehensive training catalogues and advance online training. Our solutions are used to revolutionize training departments and build high -performing teams with lower attrition rates and more empowered and happy employees.  

BPO's NPS for Call Center Soars From 52% to 96% with Ascentiify

BPO's NPS for Call Center Soars From 52% to 96% with Ascentiify

This case study demonstrates how a BPO revitalized client relations and elevated Net Promoter Scores (NPS) for call center services through a blended training approach. 

After a focused 6-week program targeting language proficiency and customer service skills, NPS for call center services soared to 96% and complaints fell below 10%.

Halving BPO’s training time to 3 weeks and reducing complaints

Halving BPO’s training time to 3 weeks and reducing complaints

Learn how a global outsourcing company reduced customer complaints and improved training efficiency by partnering with Ascentify.

In addition to halving training time and lowering complaints, the client’s customer service team significantly improved language and communication skills, leading to notable cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

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Our training solution offer is competitively priced. Access our user-friendly and secure eLearning platform with over 500+ courses with access starting at only $82 per user per annum.

Bespoke pricing is also available to meet your unique training needs – Book a call to learn more.

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