Education in a broad sense is the process of skill formation. Education and training create assets in the form of knowledge and skills which increase the productive capacity of resources that possess the potential to learn. Educational Institutions therefore offer a wide variety of courses and more students graduate each year with an impressive track-record of academic accomplishments. However, this does not often translate into a higher index of employability.

Ascentify's eSuite 2.0 supports the design and deployment of high-volume reading intervention and language support programs for students of all ages and skill levels implementing Andragogical and Pedagogical techniques.

At the heart of our approach is a data-driven instructional model that works in helping students become better readers and speakers of English. However, the software can easily integrate with any curriculum beyond language learning, enabling educators or educational publishers to incorporate their own content with relative ease.

With a distinct and active presence across Educational institutions and Multinational Corporations, Ascentify's eSuite 2.0 has the unique advantage of successfully bridging the gap between academic curricula and the necessary job-skills to increase the employability index of a graduating student transforming them into a competent candidate.

Ranging across Ascentify’s eSuite solution has been used to train and develop skills of over 80,000 in India and the Philippines.