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Ascentify Learning Media Inc. (Ascentify) is a software company headquartered in Ottawa Canada. Founded in September 2009, and acquired by FirstCarbon, a Canadian Company in 2018, our mission is to develop and deliver innovative cloud-based workforce development solutions that integrate job skills, communication, and language learning. We are operating in a global marketplace that spans many interconnected industries and diverse work cultures. We are passionately committed to help our customers improve their employee’s communication and language skills in context of what is required for their job function. These are critical elements for overall employee job growth and in turn, corporate productivity. We deliver solutions that are intuitive, scalable, with proven ROI. We take great pride in our relationship with our customers who we treat as our “partners”. Their feedback and guidance helps drive our joint success!
Our goal is to drive innovation, to exceed customer expectations, to make Ascentify a great and flexible place to work, and to become a global leader in the workforce development space.