For the recent update of the eSuite 2.0, we have included a new tutorial video on the self-registration portal, enabling our Recruitment users to familiarize themselves with the content and functions of the eSuite’s recruitment assessment tool.

Recruitment candidates can easily grasp the administrative functions of the portal on the tutorial video, so they can quickly navigate their respective assessments.

Through our newly improved recruitment platform, we aim to guide organizations on better integrating and optimizing their Recruiting functions. Our recruitment assessment portal is customizable and tailored to your needs, especially when hiring a potential candidate and evaluating them with assessments remotely.

For a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience, we have improved the Ascentify player to resolve all session time-out issues on the lesson module. The recent update also highlighted some changes on the Login and Licensing function in preparation for the assessment report staff login release.

Since the launch of the self-registration portal for Recruitment in 2015, Ascentify’s assessment solution has been helping organizations better streamline their hiring processes. Now, with our upgraded recruitment portal, employers can standardize their recruiting functions optimized for their new hires.

To ensure a better learning experience for our users, we continue to introduce new updates on our recruitment portal to keep up with the changing demands of our clients worldwide.