Ascentify has released its first set of design and feature changes for the year to make the learning experience more streamlined.

Adding resources has now become more inclusive as files such as .gif, .png, .jpg/.jpeg and document file .pdf are now allowed in unit resources.

The ”Add Audio” resource selector has also been changed to ”Add Media” as it now contains a list for image supporting media together with the list of audio resources and Freeze Pane is also added to the column headers of each list.

While some parts of the user interface were kept the same, the media chip display is now color-coded according to file type and the colors are carried out from the Unit Resource tile display.

Also, the ”Apply Image to All Prompt” checkbox was made as a part of this update that allows content creators to apply the same images to all the repeat prompts without editing each prompt and manually adding the images through the ”Add Media“ feature.

With the start of another year, Ascentify continues to improve upon its capabilities to meet the increasing demands of a competitive learning landscape.