08 September 2021

eSuite now ready to generate more reports with new update

A few weeks after we upgraded its features to ensure maximum lesson retention among learners, Ascentify's eSuite 2.0 is geared again for another significant update. With an upgrade on the application’s analytics, the eSuite can now accommodate a higher number of users to generate reports. This initiative... [READ MORE]

30 August 2021

Ascentify introduces a recruitment tutorial video for the self-registration portal

For the recent update of the eSuite 2.0, we have included a new tutorial video on the self-registration portal, enabling our Recruitment users to familiarize themselves with the content and functions of the eSuite’s recruitment assessment tool. Recruitment candidates can easily grasp the administrative... [READ MORE]

12 August 2021

Ascentify’s eSuite 2.0 updates scoring system for oral communication skills

With the launch of the eSuite 2.0, the Ascentify team continues to tweak the platform and make the necessary upgrades to further improve its features and ensure maximum lesson retention among learners. With the release of the 2.2.0 update, we are focusing on improving the oral communication skills of our... [READ MORE]

18 May 2021

Ascentify eSuite levels up usability features

As a trusted automated self-paced learning solution, the Ascentify eSuite 2.0 is the result of continuous research and is designed to empower users to navigate the digital landscape with ease. While the brand has been known to provide reliable integrated training programs and assessments, Ascentify continues... [READ MORE]