Ascentify further revamps the media player for greater visibility among users

Ascentify further revamps the media player for greater visibility among users image
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Following the recent updates on the Ascentify Player’s media handler, we’ve added more features to let our users comfortably watch video lessons on their devices. Learners can now enjoy real-time and unobstructed video streaming anytime, anywhere.

Volume slider and full-screen display for ease of navigation:
The latest update brings general fixes to improve the performance of the Ascentify Player media navigation capabilities. Users can now switch to a full-screen mode, which includes a redesigned Volume slider to dynamically adjust audio during playback. This will allow users to maximize the use of the Player, especially with video consumption.

Preferences section updated:
The User Profile on the Player now displays several relevant items pertaining to the logged-in user. With the latest add-ons on the preference section, users can change their password, view their license type, role, name, username, and its validity period. This feature expands on the Password expiration date feature with a countdown timer of their Password’s validity in ‘days left’.

The ‘About’ tab on preferences allows users to view the current Version and Build information of the Player, along with navigation links to legal documentation pertaining to the eSuite.

Reliable digital learning platform fully optimized for Ascentify users
Ascentify continues to release new features and improvements for users to enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted experience within the platform.

Now more than ever, Ascentify brings a whole new level of digital learning to its users worldwide.

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