Ascentify Updates eSuite 2.0 Key Functions and Design

Ascentify Updates eSuite 2.0 Key Functions and Design image
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Ascentify has been continuously enhancing eSuite in recent years, upholding its primal objective to improve every learner's comprehension through adaptive solutions. This month, it has released new updates to the eSuite 2.0 design and its key features to ensure a more streamlined learning experience.

Class Subscription Selectors are now accessible to end-users to increase learning flexibility by accessing educational content whenever and wherever they want. This feature can meet changing learning demands as users can select or subscribe to a particular class.

To enable end-users to manage their educational resources independently, Unit List (Lesson Plan and My Library) now has a search and sorting button. There are also notable fixes in PDF Assessment Report Label to provide more organized files for the managers.

Hear-word function in the lesson module has also become available in the new update, where users can select a specific word, and listen to it. This button isolates pronunciation to help users develop their voice and non-voice skills in grammar, comprehension, listening, and reading.

The modifications also included enhanced mobility and visibility to the scenario feedback dialogue box, which can help identify users' motivations for engaging with the scenario-based activities. These activities advance users’ soft skills.

With these substantial modifications, Ascentify aims to respond to the dynamic learning landscape and deliver transformational learning experiences to its users.

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