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Effective online learning requires careful design, streamlined administration and rigorous testing. You need the right eLearning tools to do this in one place, with ease, at speed and at scale.

Ascentify solutions, developed by eLearning experts, streamline content creation, delivery, management, and tracking. Supported by ready-made content, tests and assessments - Ascentify is a smart way to deliver learning that impacts.

Ascentify eSuite - Learning at your fingertips

eSuite is an easy-to-use, online education solution. With eSuite, you can create, administer and monitor your education and training content and your learners’ progress. 

eSuite products include:

  • Player - a training and assessment portal
  • Designer - a content authoring platform
  • Manager - an administrative portal

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Ascentify eSuite - Learning at your fingertips

eSuite Solutions - Learning made easy

eSuite is so much more than an eLearning platform, our customers can access pre-made courses, request custom material, develop bespoke training and assessments, test and improve English competency and domain skills.

With our solutions you can:

  • Access ready content library with over 500 pre-made courses
  • Test and improve English proficiency with specialty Speech Recognition capabilities
  • Create custom interactive, multimedia content
  • Run testing and simulation-based training
  • Access CEFR, IELTS and TOEIC compliant assessments

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Wide range of learning and assessment solutions

Academic Institutions

We simplify study programme creation for schools and universities. Our eSuite platform provides CEFR, IELTS and TOEIC-compliant, interactive, ready-made courses, lesson-creation tools and an administration platform.

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Contact Centers

We help contact center clients across the globe to assess and train near hires, new hires, production agents and back-office staff for voice and non-voice business processes.

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Corporate Learning - IT and ITES

We enable IT and ITES companies to access, create and deliver internal training content in a way that enhances learners’ job skills and English language comprehension, communication, coaching and Leadership Training.

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Individual Learners

We help professionals and students stand out from the crowd. With the Ascentify app you can improve English, develop soft skills, gain work-related expertise, prepare for IELTS and get a CEFR certification.

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