Ascentify provides an integrated training and assessment platform that enables BPOs and Contact Centers to streamline their hiring and training processes.  An individual’s performance is captured from recruiting to on-the-job training, empowering you to monitor and continuously  improve training programs in accordance with your organization’s  operational  metrics.

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Ascentify offers an innovative language support option for Corporate Learning. Companies leverage our platform and their own in-house training material to publish learning modules which foster better understanding, improved communication, and language learning at the same time.

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After extensive review, we selected Ascentify because of its breadth of functionality, customization capabilities and measurable benefits to operations.
Country Learning Leader
Top MNC in India
Our customers expect a high-level of customer service and as a result, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our Advisor’s performance. With Ascentify, we have been able to increase our individual CSAT scores by at least 12 points
Vinay Sharma
CLO Veldos
Being a leader in the Global BPO market, we support a wide-range of customers with diverse requirements. The Ascentify solution is uniquely positioned and flexible enough to support our training needs from new hire training, process training, to on-going production training.
Learning Leader
Industry Leading Business Services Company
We have had a long-standing partnership with Ascentify and they are continually working with us to improve their solution to meet the challenging requirements of our customer base.
Abraham Zachariah
I have used Ascentify for over 2 yrs now and I find it to be an essential tool for any learning organization. In the new world, data is key and Ascentify has a robust analytics reporting framework that allows organizations to take informed decisions on learning needs to avoid deploying random programs. This directly helps with ROI
Sushma Kumar
Founder & CEO Vedanta
The customizability and CEFR-aligned assessment are only two of the many features that have made the Ascentify tool so easy to incorporate seamlessly into our curriculum. As a standard component of our basic and specialized English courses, it has helped develop our graduates into effective communicators, giving them English proficiency that is among the most “hirable skills” in today’s global employment market.
Dr. Marie Therese V. Jochico
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs University of St. La Salle, Bacolod City, Philippines
Having a large spectrum of clients spanning all age groups and sectors with various needs and scenarios for learning English, a robust and highly flexible platform for course development and delivery is indispensable. The Ascentify eSuite is an extremely versatile and complete solution applicable to practically all training, teaching and learning environments making it easy to develop targeted and meaningful learning programs that really work.
Raymond L. Ang
President and CEO, Edulynx Corporation

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