10 October 2022

New Ascentify Updates Allow Custom-Fit Learning Experiences

Ascentify has released its latest set of design and feature changes to make the learning experience more customizable. The Player has added a new feature called Define and Translate, allowing users to define a word and then translate it into their chosen language. This is an asset for the Player because it... [READ MORE]

11 September 2022

Ascentify further revamps the media player for greater visibility among users

Following the recent updates on the Ascentify Player’s media handler, we’ve added more features to let our users comfortably watch video lessons on their devices. Learners can now enjoy real-time and unobstructed video streaming anytime, anywhere. Volume slider and full-screen display for ease of navigation:... [READ MORE]

01 June 2022

Ascentify Updates eSuite 2.0 Key Functions and Design

Ascentify has been continuously enhancing eSuite in recent years, upholding its primal objective to improve every learner's comprehension through adaptive solutions. This month, it has released new updates to the eSuite 2.0 design and its key features to ensure a more streamlined learning experience. Class... [READ MORE]

04 March 2022

Ascentify Introduces New Key Design and Feature Change with eSuite 2.0

Ascentify has released its first set of design and feature changes for the year to make the learning experience more streamlined. Adding resources has now become more inclusive as files such as .gif, .png, .jpg/.jpeg and document file .pdf are now allowed in unit resources. The ”Add Audio” resource selector... [READ MORE]

19 October 2021

Latest update to Ascentify Manager brings 3-tier model to Assessment Reports

With the latest tweaks to the eSuite, Ascentify is making it easier for Managers to access training and Recruitment assessments in real-time. Following in the 3-tier model of reporting previously released for Training reports, the Assessment data are now available as Summary, Detailed and Candidate level... [READ MORE]