A few weeks after we upgraded its features to ensure maximum lesson retention among learners, Ascentify's eSuite 2.0 is geared again for another significant update.

With an upgrade on the application’s analytics, the eSuite can now accommodate a higher number of users to generate reports. This initiative reduces bottlenecks and considerably lowers the waiting time, making it more efficient for users, especially during peak hours and high seasons of usage.

Our Training Reports, which was a feature introduced in the previous updates, are specifically designed to help Managers deliver training programs tailored to a learner’s specific needs.

Updates and some key changes on the FAQ page under the Player application are also implemented in this latest update, which mainly dealt with some missing phonemes. We also addressed other minor issues to the Player and made some changes for users to have a better experience when accessing the FAQ Page.

We updated the dictionary as well, wherein some words that are essential were added together with their equivalent IPA. This makes for faster understanding and comprehension that greatly benefits the user.

With these updates that enhance our key features, Ascentify aims to provide its users with a faster and more comprehensive eSuite that elevates their learning experience.