Ascentify’s innovative eSuite combines job skills training with language and communications training. Our integrated assessment and training platform enables you to test, train, and audit an employee’s progress from recruiting, to on-boarding, to on-the-job training.

Many products and methods differentiate between job related training and language learning. Our solution is configurable enabling you to utilize your own training and testing content to create authentic multipurpose training and testing lessons. From a language learning perspective, other solutions teach the learner the basics in terms of language and communication. Ascentify significantly improves those skills by enabling you to improve comprehension and judgement as well.

Ascentify Player is an end-user application that delivers e-learning content in an immersive, media rich format that supports both job skills training and language learning. Ascentify Player enables your learner’s to capitalize on their individual learning styles (Visual, Auditory, or Oral).

If you are responsible for corporate learning strategy or for developing and delivering focused training, the Ascentify solution enables you to leverage your in-house training content and deliver it to a global workforce in a format that increases comprehension, improves judgment, and facilitates language and communication development.

Proven benefits of the Ascentify solution include: a) Judgment improvements through scenarios that model real-life conversations b) Comprehension improvements by training the learner’s ear to understand different accents, improving the learner’s Listening skills and their ability to repeat and keyboard accurately, and improving their Reading, and Situational comprehension c) Communication improvements by enhancing pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills.

Ascentify Designer enables a trainer or an instructional designer to easily re-purpose or create new training content to meet the training needs of diverse business units.

A corporation can leverage training material related to Compliance, Policies, Standard Operating Procedures, Health & Safety, Sales, etc. and create dual purpose lessons that not only increase a non-native English speaking learner’s comprehension of the material, but also provides them with authentic and relevant content where they can improve their job specific English and communication (verbal and writing) skills.

In a BPO or contact-center context, the Ascentify Designer enables trainers to easily capture key agent-customer interactions, in order to create lessons that model real-life interactions that train and test comprehension and judgment. Training lessons may vary from communication oriented training (i.e. soft skills, culture, pronunciation, grammar, writing, understanding various accents, terminology) to process specific training (i.e. product, customer service, sales, and procedures).

Ascentify provides a self-registration portal to streamline the recruiting and assessment process. The portal is configured to capture key metadata for each recruit that is relevant for your business processes.

Ascentify Assess is an instance of the Ascentify Player running in an Assessment mode with timed and strict workflows.

Our out-of-the box language assessments are calibrated to the Common European Framework (CEFR). Through the Ascentify Designer, custom assessments can be created, business specific question types can be defined, and question randomization and pooling are supported providing you with an enormous amount of flexibility in creating assessments.

In addition, any training unit can be easily turned into an assessment via the Designer.

Ascentify provides extensive reporting that enables an organization to track utilization, and performance across the enterprise (i.e. geography, department, business process) and down to the class and individual level.

Specifically, assessment reports are available immediately for Recruiting and Training functions and detailed activity reports are available for all Training functions.

Personal dashboards are provided within the Ascentify Player so the learner can monitor their own progress.

From a language learning perspective, the system is monitoring and capturing key metrics around verbal and writing skills and presents the learner with specific items for them to work on. It is like having a personal language tutor all automated within the Player.