After successfully upgrading the eSuite 2.0 in the fall of 2020, Ascentify continues to fine-tune its brand of personalized learning experience by introducing frequent updates. The latest update, of which was first announced earlier this year, now enables seamless access to the Ascentify Player through mobile and tablet devices.

With this update, Training and Assessment users can now log into the Ascentify Player for an immersive learning and assessment experience at the comfort of their mobile phones and tablet devices.

By integrating a mobile-responsive design with the Ascentify Player, we aim to make our learning platform accessible to more learners, especially now when remote learning is standard practice and the preferred mode of education.

Since its re-launch back in November 2020, the eSuite 2.0 has been tirelessly catering to more than 1,500 active users as they conduct learning and assessments at their own pace.

With more active learners on our platform, we will continue to introduce new updates to make the eSuite 2.0 more user-friendly, useful, informative, engaging, and responsive to the growing needs of our clients around the world.