As a trusted automated self-paced learning solution, the Ascentify eSuite 2.0 is the result of continuous research and is designed to empower users to navigate the digital landscape with ease. While the brand has been known to provide reliable integrated training programs and assessments, Ascentify continues to adapt to the growing demands of digital learning.

Ascentify eSuite’s latest update aims to enhance its usability features, not just for our customers and learners, but also for teachers using our applications. This improves the administrative functions portal of the Ascentify Manager in three different ways.

1. Manager Portal and Login Access

     • Partners will continue to have their own portal URL, now with customizable content and improved functionality. Through this, users gain access to the updated training report view.
     • While seemingly straightforward, the improvements in the portal show much potential in migrating the erstwhile Manager functions to the newer version with a new-and-improved User Interface.

2. Main Page

     • The main menu will now have the time zone and training reports, which is designed to be helpful for instructors of international learners.
     • Teachers and trainers can choose from select reporting parameters and select from active classes across a wide date-range.

3. Training Reports

     • While the previous versions of the training report delivered raw data of training activities presented in an excel format, this update allows users to generate user-friendly summary reports, detailed reports, and learner reports effortlessly.
     • These reports are now available in a graphical interface on the new Manager portal (in HTML) or extractable as an XLSX file, giving it better readability that can then be used in building Training Needs Analyses (TNA).
     • The Summary report gives an overview of each user’s training activity without displaying the entirety of their work on one page. Meanwhile, the Detailed report shows a full-view of all activity information, including time, breakup of user-activity and their corresponding scores.
     • The Learner report displays specific information about each activity by the user and training units, making it useful for training teams to keep track of individual user scores. These can be used to share feedback to their trainees directly without needing to manually extract the information from a larger set of data. Besides simplifying the process, this report has been created to ensure learners’ data privacy.
     • One-click extraction of reports allow for easy capture of reporting data while still retaining linkage between Summary and Detailed reports to the Learner transcript.

Though the Ascentify Manager’s features are only accessible to trainers and management staff, the optimization of the portal will greatly influence how students and trainees learn.

Ascentify assures its users of an active training experience as eSuite 2.0 evolves.