With the launch of the eSuite 2.0, the Ascentify team continues to tweak the platform and make the necessary upgrades to further improve its features and ensure maximum lesson retention among learners.

With the release of the 2.2.0 update, we are focusing on improving the oral communication skills of our learners through an enhancement in the scoring system. This adjusted scoring system, which is now based on how words are spoken by the user, is specifically designed to accurately gauge the progress of a learner’s oral communication skills.

Recalibration, or in this case “fine tuning”, of the speech scoring process was implemented through the analysis of over 18,300 voice samples, collected from users across three proficiency bands:
1. Natively Proficient Speakers of US English (to measure the max-score a user can possibly get in pronunciation)
2. Non-native English Speakers with a working command over the language (to benchmark the range of inclusion/exclusion from either band higher and lower)
3. Non-native speakers with no working proficiency in English (to measure the lowest possible score a poor use of the language could get)

The DynaSpeak Engine was also optimized to ensure accuracy in data in the score-processing channel. Also, an update to the speech recognition’s Acoustic Model grants the eSuite access to a larger repository of words-feedback.

An enhancement in audio capture process has been made to allow access to users with previously incompatible devices. This addresses ambient noise-related degradation, input-volume-related issues, and decibel level capping.

Apart from this, the new update also makes sure that you’re not skipping your active sessions through prompts. Modifications with the auto-align feature, as well as added validation for lesson transcripts containing more than 10,000 characters and skip word with audio have also been implemented for a more seamless user experience with Ascentify.

These new changes follow the previous updates, which allowed users to access the eSuite from various web browsers on both desktop and mobile and provided supervisors with comprehensive reports about their learners’ progress.

We’re working on further improving the eSuite 2.0 experience, and you can expect further updates from our team in the months ahead.