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Custom Language Support Solutions

At the core of our approach is a powerful learning web service based on the neuroLanguage Practice Platform. This learning service has all of the main functionality needed to operate a media rich, custom end-to-end language development program. 

When it comes to technology we host everything for you so you can focus on the learning needs & not servers.    

Need a bit more? No problem, as our platform is fully extendable with a rich web application programming interface.  This allows you to integrate with other eLearning systems, or extend the functionality of the platform to create unique learning applications.

Our standard learning service includes:

neuroLanguage Practice Player >>

neuroLanguage Publisher >>

neuroLanguage Library >>

neuroLanguage Management System & Portal >>

Web Service API>>

Our Learning Platform

neuroLanguage Practice Player

neuroLanguage Practice Player

A tour through the Practice Platform starts with the Player. Using this software a user can work on all of the learning activities the system offers. The Player features the latest in speech recognition technology so that students of English can practice their oral language skills and get instant feedback on how they are doing. As a training tool, or as an assessment engine, the Player emulates an individualized experience for each and every user.

The Player also collects all manner of performance data about how a person is working with the learning activities. All of this training data is pushed to our central server for reporting and management purposes.

For more information on the Practice Player, contact one of our specialists>>

neuroLanguage Publisher

neuroLanguage Practice Publisher

For teachers and instructional designers, they will find the Practice Publisher is their main tool. The Publisher is used to create custom lesson materials that become accessible through the Player. In an easy to use authoring format, images, text, video and audio are brought together and get converted into Practice lessons. While many of the learning features, including the dictionary, pronunciation activities and speed controls are generated on the fly, other elements can be added based on the instructional goals.

The Publisher also allows you to determine the learning level of your lesson, helping you structure your overall curriculum in a logical format. Need an assessment? No problem – just select the assessment feature and your lesson is now a test. Just like that.

For more information on the Practice Publisher, contact one of our specialists>>

neuroLanguage Library

neuroLanguage Library

To help get your project rolling, the Practice Platform includes a library of general English and Call Center lessons that are ready to go as soon as you are. From very basic phonemic awareness exercises, to culture & customer service lessons, the neuroLanguage Library features over 200 titles in both US and UK English formats. Both children's and adult voice model formats are available.

Need something more? Subscribers to our Business as a Second Language service in partnership with BusinessWeek Magazine, can supplement their library with lessons built around the BusinessWeek archive. And what’s more, the collection gets updated each week.

For more information on the neuroLanguage Library, contact one of our specialists>>

neuroLanguage Management System & Portal

neuroLangguage Management System

Once you have created your lessons, you will want to register students into the program, organize them into classes, and track their progress. You may also want to offer special content to one group of students, and a second group to another. That is where the neuroLanguage Practice Management system is there to help you. Through a simple to use web portal you are able to administer all aspects of your project.

The management system is also a powerful tool for more complex implementations. Need multiple roles in the system with different levels of permissions? The system is there to support your unique requirements.

For more information on the Management System, contact one of our specialists>>

Web Service API

Web Service API

For those users who want to integrate the Practice Platform with an existing learning management system, our SOAP based web API gives you the flexibility for tight integration between systems. All features of the Practice Management System are available in APIs for easy integration. This helps you put the power of instructional data captured by the Practice system into your existing reports and dashboards.

If you are interested in developing a new educational product, the API can also give you many tools for rapid development of innovative solutions.

For more information on the Practice Web API, contact one of our specialists>>

Learning Features

  • Assessment
  • Benchmarking
  • Guided Oral Reading
  • Pronunciation Coaching
  • Record/Playback Voice
  • Phonemic Scoring
  • UK Voice Models
  • US Voice Models
  • Child Voice Models
  • Definitions
  • Translations
  • Idioms
  • Playback Speed Control
  • Retention Activities
  • Spelling & Typing
  • Grammar Activities
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Personal Learning Dashboard
  • Words to Improve
  • Learning Portals
  • Community features
  • Group Progress Reports
  • Diagnostic Reports
  • Classroom Management Tools
  • Content Management Tools
  • Create Training Units on the fly
  • Supports Video
  • Integrate Audio Files
  • Self Narration
  • Import Images
  • Brandable and more...

"The neuroLanguage Practice Platform provided our school a wonderful new approach for delivering our bilingual education curriculum in the computer lab and after school in the home. It is very easy to customize to match my lesson plans."

-Teacher, Elementary School